Nautica 05 Inspired by studio

May 15

STUDIO7DESIGNS releases Nautica05 Public!. It has a very wide range of layouts and sample ID's and CLASSES for you to put together to create a very functional site in just hours! Make sure you click the above menu to see the 5 layouts that are included!

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May 14

Easy to Modify This template is easy to modify, we have made the PSD of the header image available for download so you can put your own text into the blank sign and side ribbon. If you would like to get more free graphics and Open Source Stock Photography you can visit

May 13

Chose your theme! firefox Visit to download the full template with a javascript theme switcher and more header graphics and icons.

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May 12

Open Source Tutorials STUDIO7DESIGNS is working hard on providing easy to follow video tutorials on how to download and modify these templates. All you need is dreamweaver ( or other text editors ) and an hour and we can help you get this template up and running on your own server... Sign up for our newsletter for new tutorial releases!

Samples: samples More...

May 11

Theme Pack releases firefox We have just released a few more header images that are hand drawn vector art for you. You can download the full version of this template at